Optilab is Launching its NEW Design for its BERT Series

Optilab has launched the new BERT front panel design. Following up the BERT product series release, Optilab has launched the second generation of the front panel design. The sleek, streamlined front panel design is a visual pleaser. The 36 SMA connectors have been populated to four only.

August 22, 2016

48 Gb/s Error Analyzer, Dual 24 Gb/s Channel, EA2402
The Optilab EA2402 is a Dual channel 24 Gb/s Error Analyzer (EA), combined total data rate of 48 Gb/s with a this high performance analyzer unit provides up to 2X24 Gb/s error detection function for complete Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT) solutions. 

48 Gb/s Pattern Generator, Dual 24 Gb/s Channel, PG2402
The Optilab PG2402 is a Dual 24 Gb/s Pattern Generator (PG) combined, for 48 Gb/s with a high performance pattern generator unit provides up to 24 Gb/s eye diagram generation for Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT). 

48 Gb/s Bit Error Rate Tester, Dual 24 Gb/s Channel, BT2402
The Optilab BT2402 is a Dual 24 Gb/s Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) combined, for 48 Gb/s that consists PG2402 Pattern Generator and EA2402 Error Analyzer.