Detector and Receiver

Optilab has designed and produced a line photo detector down to the chip level. These photodetectors have bandwidth up to 40 GHz. Optilab has also developed a 43 Gb/s DQPSK Balanced Photoreceiver. Optilab's photodetectors feature impressive reliability, ease of integration, and a variety of packaging and control options.


P/N Product
APR-10-M 10 GHz Avalanche PhotoReceiver Module Data
APR-3-M 3 GHz High Gain Avalanche PhotoReceiver Module Data
BPR-20-M 20 GHz Balanced PhotoReceiver Module Data
BPR-23-M 23 GHz Balanced PhotoReceiver Module Data
LR-12-M 12 GHz Lightwave Receiver Data
LR-30-M 30 GHz Lightwave Receiver Data
LRD-10-CLK-M 10 Gb/s Digital Receiver with Clock Recovery Data
PD-20-HP-M 20 GHz Photodiode, High Input Power to 100 mW Data
PD-20-M 20 GHz Photodiode, Module Data
PD-30-M 30 GHz Photodiode, Module Data
PD-40-M 40 GHz Photodiode, Module Data
PD-40-MM-M 40 GHz Photodiode, Multimode Fiber, Module Data
PD-50-M 50 GHz Linear InGaAs PIN Photodetector, Module Data
PR-10-H-M 10 GHz High-Gain PhotoReceiver Data
PR-12-B-M 12 GHz PhotoReceiver, Module Data
PR-23-M 23 GHz PhotoReceiver Module Data
PR-3-M 3 GHz PhotoReceiver, Module Data

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