Laser Source

Optilab features a wide-ranging variety of source lasers including DFB sources, tunable lasers, swept lasers, and SLED sources, with each category of products able to be customized to your specific needs.

P/N Product
DFB-C-PM-M Compact DFB Laser Module, Compact, Polarization Maintaining Data
DFB-CWDM-M CWDM DFB Laser Module Data
DFB-PM-M DFB Laser Source Module, Polarization Maintaining Data
FML-15-M Femtosecond Mode-Locked Laser, Module Data
LT-CWDM-3-M CWDM DFB Laser Module with 3 GHz Bandwidth Data
SWL-1550-M 1550 nm Swept Wavelength Laser Module Data
TWL-C-HP-M C Band Wavelength Tunable Laser Module, High Performance Version Data
TWL-C-M C Band Tunable Wavelength Laser Module Data
TWL-CL-R C+L-Band Tunable Wavelength Laser Data
TWL-L-M L Band Tunable Wavelength Laser Module Data

Product Requests and Consulting

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