Optilab provides cost-effective and high-performance end-to-end products designed for Cable TV networks with HFC, RFoG, and Cable PON architecture. Several product lines are also RUS accepted and meet Buy American requirements for USDA funded applications.

• Mini-nodes
• Optical Node
• Passive Optics
• Receiver
• Transmitter

All of our products are also located in our Optilab RFoG catalog, please click here to download.

RUS Listing Acceptance

Optilab has undergone various rigorous certification and standards processes. InOptilab has several RFoG products listed which include its optical mNode, EMLT Externally Modulated Transmitters, and rEDFA Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers. RUS is a department of the USDA.

All of the product lines from Optilab are customizable to your specific needs, while our qualified and knowledgeable team of specialists can help you determine which solution is right for you. In addition, customers will have access to fully integrated services that range from product design, prototyping, manufacturing, quality assurance, and supply chain management.

P/N Product
DMLT-1310 1310 nm Directly Modulated Laser Transmitter Data
DMLT-1550 1550 nm Directly Modulated Laser Transmitter Data
EIT Series EDFA Integrated Transmitter Data
EMLT-1550-ER Externally Modulated Laser Transmitter, Extended Data
EMLT-1550-SR Externally Modulated Laser Transmitter, Standard Data
fRCVR Forward-Path Receiver Data
gEDFA High-Gain Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier Data
iRCVR-1 PON Optical Receiver, One Output Data
iRCVR-4 PON Optical Receiver, Four Output Data
iTRVR-B Bi-Directional Mini-Node Data
iTRVR-D Dual-Fiber Mini-Node Data
iTRVR-G GEPON Enabled RFoG Mini-Node Data
mNode mNode Series Data
nTRVR-B Bi-Directional Mini-Node Data
nTRVR-D Dual-Fiber Mini-Node Data
nTRVR-G GEPON Enabled RFoG Mini-Node Data
pEDFA-RFOG High-Power, Multiport EDFA for RFoG Data
pEDFA-XPON High-Power, Multiport EDFA for xPON Overlay Data
pEDFA High-Power, Multiport EDFA Data
qEDFA High-Power, Multiple-Output EDFA Data
rEDFA Standard Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier Data
RPLT-1310 Return Path Laser Transmitter, 1310 nm Data
rRCVR-4 4 Port Return-Path Receiver Data
rRCVR-L Low Noise Return-Path Receiver Data
TAM Series Optical Tap Module Data