FBG Sensors

Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors are sensitive to the physical parameters such as temperature, stress/strain, inclination, acceleration, pressure, and displacement of the surrounding environment.  FBGs are incorporated into structures for monitoring their health continuously over time. The FBGs can also provide early warning of a severe structural change leading to problems. Optilab produces some of the most novel sensors, including a temperature sensor up to 200ºC. 

Full Portfolio of Sensors

Optilab offers a complete, end-to-end portfolio of FBG Sensors. Some of these include:

Optilab provides a wide range of sensors which can be bonded to the surface, spot welded, or embedded in composite structures during fabrication.

For every sensor, different material and packaging types are available, some of the options include:

Optilab also offers a wide variety of customizable FBG sensor arrays and chains, with options of: Number of Sensors, Length, Material & Packaging, Sensor Type, and Connector.

If you would like more information on Optilab’s total sensing solution, or would like to request a catalog of all of its FBG sensors, please do not hesitate to contact Optilab.


P/N Product
FT Series FBG Temperature Sensors Data
Pebble Series FBG Accelerometers Data