Ordering Optilab Product

As a leader in fiber optic and photonics solutions, Optilab owns and operates OEQuest.com, the largest online source for fiber optics, EDFAs, test instruments, photonics devices, optical components, and more.

With thousands of products in stock and ready for delivery, our customers can place orders with Optilab directly via our on-line quotation and ordering system.

Easy to navigate and search by product type or manufacturer, OEQuest.com provides the in-stock availability and price for each product, as well as important product information, datasheets, test data, etc.

Choose from an extensive selection of:

ASE, SLED Source
CW Laser, DFB Source
Fiber Amplifier, EDFA
Fiber Laser, High Power
Fiber Sensor, FBG
Pulse Laser, Femtosecond
RF over Fiber
Raman Amplifier, SOA
Swept Wavelength Laser
Transmitter / Receiver
Tunable Laser Source

DWDM Mux, Add/Drop
Fiber Patchcords / Adaptors
Laser Diodes
Optical Modulators, VOA
Passive Components
Photodiodes / Receivers
Tunable Filters / Switches
WDM, Optical Filters

Instruments, Tools
Photonics, RF Network