Quality Assurance

Optilab has invested millions of dollars in building a state-of-the-art testing laboratory in the U.S. Before delivery, each Optilab product is fully tested and qualified under rigorous conditions to ensure its performance and reliability. Each Optilab product will come with its own test datasheet of a successful QA test.
 Here at Optilab, we go the extra mile to ensure the repeatability and quality of your optical transmission line with our thorough test simulation process that we custom design to best replicate your project requirements. We have full access to a large array of optical and electrical test devices to implement our simulations and are able to test any extraneous parameter necessary to simulate your salutation with our available equipment.

Testing and Qualification for Tx, Rx and Mini Node

Using our Matrix ASX-16C frequency generator, we test with 75 NTSC analog channels plus 60 digital channels loading at standard OMI levels to simulate a fully loaded CATV system. Using SMF fiber spools, our equipment is tested under customer specific transmission lengths to guarantee optimal performance in real life applications. We also have a wide variety of optical and electrical test equipment to ensure all specifications are met.

For every Transmitter, we measure Optical Output Power, CTB, CSO, CNR, Wavelength, SBS (for longer range models) plus any transmission distance specifications.

For every Receiver, we measure CTB, CSO, CNR, Optical Input vs. RF Output, OMI vs. RF Output, and Frequency Response.

For every Transceiver, we measure CTB, CSO, CNR, Optical Input vs. RF Output, OMI vs. RF Output, Frequency Response (Rx and Tx), Optical Output Power and Wavelength.

Testing and Qualification for EDFA, Node and Passive Device

With our extensive supply of light sources, detectors, and analyzers, we have the capabilities to thoroughly test our EDFAs, optical nodes, and passive devices for any individual parameter, such as optical gain, insertion loss, and isolation values.

In addition to the diverse equipment available for testing, we also thoroughly inspect and clean all of our fiber optic patchcord ferrules to ensure the most accurate and precise measurements possible.